From Melbourne to Adelaide, street food is springing up all over. Predictions suggest that by the year 2020 food trucks are going to be a billion dollar industry in totality. Since the year 2009, the food truck business has shot up by 80 per cent. Following are 20 reasons why Food Trucks in Melbourne have become such as hot trend:

  1. The perception of people has changed: People understand that street food trucks are held to the same safety & sanitation standards as of any restaurant.
  2. Value for money: Lunch trucks give an inexpensive meal for the budget-conscious foodie. Conventionally, street food is less pricey than traditional dining options.
  3. Social Media awareness and marketing: Chuck wagon operators are masters of social media and digital communication. They use it effectively to drive sales. Their blogs, tweets, Pinterest entries and Facebook pages are continuously evolving marketing platforms which the public has embraced.
  4. Lower Overhead as compared to the restaurants: Food Trucks in Melbourne have a cheaper operating cost than the brick and mortar restaurants. With no paying of rent, food trucks can run a lean & lucrative operation cheaper than their conventional dining competitors.
  5. The Startup Cost is low: To open a restaurant requires 2 to 3 times the amount of capital than needed to start a food truck. Realistically, an entrepreneur with an amount of 75 thousand dollars can have an operating business of Food Trucks in Melbourne.
  6. 3 things – Location, Location & Location: The mobility of a food wagon gives the owner the liberty to change his site daily, even every few hours if he so wants. The pizza shop that you go to cannot drive their building to festivals, fairs, and events.
  7. Cooperation: Food Trucks in Melbourne are a closely-knit community that works together so that everyone gains from each other’s business. A single food truck parked on the street might go unnoticed by a hungry, lunch crowd. However, 4 food trucks on a corner give rise to a scene.
  8. Marketing on wheels: ‘A big rig is a rolling billboard!’ Every minute that they’re on the road they’re advertising. The sight of a wildly coloured step truck covered with logos in a business or corporate district generates a buzz and drives sales.
  9. Fast Food Service: Do you want your lunch hot & fast? A Food Trucks in Melbourne provide time-starved diners a quick bite eliminating the waiting time of a restaurant.
  10. Healthy Options: A lot of Food Trucks are serving deep-fried candy & hot dogs but many are serving vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals to cater to your healthy tastes. Some of the Food Trucks in Melbourne have gone so far as to only be serving healthy options.
  11. Variety and Choices: Consumers like variety and choices. A few of the food trucks parked on the street give you a custom- tailored menu where you can mix and match your meal according to your tastes. You may have dim sum for an appetizer, walk to another truck and get yourself burritos and if you are still hungry, check out for a frozen yogurt cart.
  12. Various Food Cultures put together: Every conceivable ethnic, cooking style, regional food is represented by Food Trucks in Melbourne. Consumers and Diners can dig into French, Korean, Italian, Thai, Ethiopian, American, Greek or Japanese cuisine. If you are a food truck follower, the world is your oyster, my friend!
  13. Fusion Flavours: Japanese tacos? German Gyros? Bring it on! Mexican Pizza? Some more, Creative chefs are pushing the fusion wrapper to create unique, interesting and flavoursome offerings to delight the adventurous foodies.
  14. The Fame Game: Some really famous Chefs use Food Trucks in Melbourne to test concepts and recipes for their respective restaurants. Food trucks enable celebrity Chefs to experiment with their recipes without risk and reach a broader population. This trend has a good hold of the market because people love celebrities.
  15. The Fun Factor: Street food is a low-cost entertainment option. Owners try to proffer an enjoyable dining experience to their customers on the street. Workers can escape from their cubicles and experience a carnival-like atmosphere on their lunch breaks. The brightly coloured rigs are fun, the delicious food is fun and the funny folks taking your orders are fun.
  16. Job opportunities: Socially-conscious foodies understand that street Food Trucks in Melbourne provide jobs and a community in the states or cities where they run. People more willingly give their hard-earned cash to a local businessman than a faceless corporation. Fast Food or street food vendors also boost sales in the retail locations where they work. If your retail business has been lagging, consider inviting a food truck to your business location.
  17. Fresh Air: When the weather and climate are pleasant, nothing is better than going outside. A quick stroll in one of the nearby parks to a lunch truck is what the doctor ordered to elevate the spirits of eaters in that concrete jungle. No one wants leftover Chinese in one’s office that one spends 50 odd hours a week in!
  18. Newness: From the evolving menu options to the brand new units on the scene, Food Trucks in Melbourne present a new approach to eating out. Lunch wagons provide an interesting dining niche to the consumers who have become tired of being constantly flooded with messages from the chain restaurants and corporate fast food centres.
  19. Fresh & Local: Mobile kitchens are bringing the ‘farm to table’ concept to cities around the world. Chefs are buying dairy, proteins, and produce from the local sources and preparing better food than some of the brick & mortar restaurants. In fact, food trucks are the USP of a Night Market in Melbourne. Food lovers can taste the difference between the micro greens grown down the road in comparison to the salad properly processed in a factory a hundred miles away.
  20. Street Food Tastes delicious: Whether it is a burger or an escargot, street Chefs are creating incredible meals. The variety, quality, and scrumptiousness of cuisine offered by the Food Trucks in Melbourne are staggering and mind-blowing. From savory, upscale meals to artery-clogging deep-fried desserts, street food simply tastes delicious and as a result, the food trucks have arrived.
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